Cacher Rankings
Cacher Rankings - Help
If you still can't find your name on these lists then most likely you haven't found one of the
monitored caches. The Grand High Pobah monitors these caches and uses the finds on them to
identify geocachers and gather his data. Check out the
monitored cache list and see if you've
found any of these caches. If you haven't found one of them, then you have a new goal to find
one, there should be one reasonably close to you.

If you still have questions check out the Grand High Pobah's
frequently asked questions.
To find your statistics on the
Grand High Pobah's selecting one
of the categories. As an example, if

At the top of the page notice the
"Rank" and "Caches Found"
columns. If you found more than
1,997 caches as of March 2, 2010
you'd be in the top 100 cachers
list. If you found between 1,970
and 1,180 then you'd be on the list
of the cachers ranking in the
second tier of 101-200 and so on.