Event Hosting - How To
Organizing a geocaching event can be as easy or complicated as you make it. Here are some things to think about when planning your event.
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Quick n Easy: The quick n easy event is all about getting folks together for camaraderie. The  location must be a free facility which allows you to
reserve space. Locations where the facility requires pre-ordered food or a set menu adds a lot of complexity so these are to be avoided. Your
best bet is a location where they allow attendees to purchase their own food be it a buffet or fast food style. The quick and easy event doesn't
have door prizes, no raffle, no event caches it's just about getting together to enjoy the company of fellow cachers.

CITO Events: Cache In Trash Out events are a great way to give back to the community you live in and more importantly which you cache in. The
concept is simple; we place caches in the woods and parks all the time and as a thank you we remove pick up trash. By doing this in an
organized event with the Forest Preserve and Park Districts we build good will and an atmosphere of cooperation with the land managers and
the general public.

The easiest CITO events are where the land manager brings their tools, equipment and trash bags to the event so our primary responsibility is
proving the people power.

Best practice is limiting CITO event to two hours which allows folks enough time to do a significant amount of clean up and at the same time
doesn't wear them out and discourage them from participating in future CITO events.

Always try to make the CITO event fun, the land manager may allow placement of new permanent caches to be published following the event.
Hand the participants the coordinates for these caches immediately after the CITO as a reward for their hard work. You might also consider
having door prizes as an added benefit for the participants.

Flash Mob Events: A flash mob event is simply a 30 minute event in a public location such as a mall parking lot. Ideally video tape or photograph
the event to document it. You might consider having a log book, snacks, trinkets, trackables or even activities. The idea is to congregate at an
exact moment and then to disband quickly exactly 30 minutes later.

Mega Events: A Mega Event is just like any other event only there has to be at least 500 geocachers in attendance to earn the title "Mega Event".
Typically Mega Events require a great deal of planning including crowd control, parking, hotels, food, activities etc.

Log Book & Name Tags: All events must have a log book according to the rules on Geocaching.com. Name tags are a really good idea at any
event where socializing is the goal. CITO and Flash Mob events generally wouldn't use name tags but most others benefit from having them as
they help folks mingle.         

Door Prizes: A door prize is generally something which is given away free of charge just for participating. It's important to specify if winners must
be present or not.

Raffles: A raffle tends to be a drawing where people purchase a raffle ticket and each ticket represents one chance to win something. A 50/50
raffle is a fund raiser technique where the winner of the raffle receives 50% of the proceeds and the organizer keeps the rest. It's even more
important to specify if winners must be present in order to win a prize for raffles.

Event Caches: There are two ways to place caches for events. You can have permanent caches published or you can have temporary caches
which are not published. The easiest approach is to have the caches published prior to the event, if you do not choose this option then you need
to either have them published a couple days prior to the event so folks can download the waypoints or you need to provide the waypoints using
computers, thumb drives, and/or printed cache pages or lists. Be sure to state in your event page what the approach is going to be.

Other Activities: You can combine almost any non-geocaching activity with geocaching; biking, eating, birdwatching, picnics, pancake
breakfasts etc. But geocaching has to be a focus of the event. You can have prizes based upon event caches found, play games from a pie walk,
bingo or trivia games.

Charities and Fund Raisers: So you want to collect food for a food bank, or you want to collect money for your favorite Charity? You can host an
event with a noble purpose such as these but you may not mention it on the geocaching.com event page. One way around this is to have a
private web site and redirect folks from the event page to your personal  page where you discuss the charity.

General Tips:
- Events must be submitted with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

- Events can be posted up to 3 months prior to the event however exceptions are made for Mega Events due to the large number of participants
who have to make travel arrangements.

- In order to maximize your turn out try to schedule your event so it isn't the same day or at least not at the same time as any other events within
50 miles.

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