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June 21, 2008 – Quanah Zepyr
The National Railway Historical Society
2008 Convention featured a rare
mileage rail excursion from Fort Worth
to Quanah, Texas. This gave the North
Texas Chapter (NRHS) members the
chance for a job of their dreams.  If just
for a day, a long day of carhosting on
the rails.

The superb ride on the rails provided
lots of time for pleasant views, amiable
chatter with passengers, and
inspirational moments.  Here are a few
sparks of wisdom gleaned from Valli and
Harry as to the joys and peculiarities of
being Car Hosts For A Day.
Valli and Harry Ride the Rails of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Car Host Wisdom
* Why're you a car host (or conductor or
other volunteer ...) and not the engineer,
… I hate shoveling coal
... my cooking's bad for the dining car
… we love guessing at answers to
questions we haven't heard yet
… we love answering questions for
which we have no answers
… we invent stories about which
cornfield we just passed, when asked
“what's that?”
… we love looking at a watch to figure
out “which mile post did we just pass”?
… we love saying “What's around the
next curve? Another curve, unless “we
got cows”, then it’s a “Twister”!
Above: Harry is ready for duty and
service aboard QZ special, coach 5.
(Photo credit: Valli)

when the locomotive pulls into the
* Why isn't there a caboose at the
back? ... It's making better time than
us, passed us a while back, dinja
*  Why do we have to go back now,
and end the fun? ... because we
gotta find the caboose
* What do you do off shift? .... Go
somewhere, kick back, finally get a
brew.  Safety rules the day, and rail
dreams rule the night!
* Is that a Jack pump there? ...
Dunno, I don't know a Jack out here.  
Do you?
Above: Valli welcomes all
aboard QZ special, coach
6.(Photo credit: Harry)

Why Quanah? ... because
Matt Rose (BNSF) and Skip
told us ... go west young men
(& women)

* We're going uphill, what's on
the other side? ... another hill,
down this time.
(c) 2010 by VG and MGDad