What is GoGeocaching.com about?
Geocaching is a global treasure
hunt game
Geocaching is a
location based game where
typically a container such as a pill
bottle, or rubermaid storage
container is placed somewhere
on the planet and coordinates are
published. Other geocachers then
use those coordinates to navigate
to the location and sign a log
sheet to prove they were there.  
There are many variations on the
game; some geocaches require
solving a puzzle in order to learn
what the coordinates are, others
use web cams, or other high tech
functions of a GPS or Smart
Phone in order to find the hidden

Over the years since the military
satellites were unlocked and
made available for public use
many location based games have
been created. More have come
and gone while geocaching
appears to be here to stay.

The latest location based game is
Pokemon Go which is wildly
popular, it came into being off an
app called Ingress which is also
still being played by many avid
location based game addicts.
Above - The view from a
cache in Wisconsin; the
most important part of
geocaching is having
Cheeseburgers in Paradise - Food Drive
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March 20th from 7-8:30am in Plainfield, IL
Breaking Eggs at the Vernal Equinox by RicCar79, MagMile &
April 21st from 10am - 12pm in Oak Brook, IL
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Geocaching Videos by Halemeister
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Scouts and Geocaching
The Scouts have become very active
geocachers with regional and local
organized activities. They even have a
merit badge which encourages
Fuddruckers will also be
donating, in 2016 they
donated $95 from their Benefit
Night program. They
sometimes take a while to
process the paperwork :)
Food Drive Success!
Saturday November 4, 2017 we held our
Cheeseburgers in Paradise food drive event.
Geocachers donated 375 pounds of dry goods
and $415 all for the Northern Illinois Food Bank.
Way to go!
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