What is GoGeocaching.com about?
Geocaching is a global treasure hunt game using
a GPS to seek out places and things other
geocachers want you to find. Geocaching can be
any number of things to each individual; to some
it's going on long hikes in forest preserves, for
others it's all about the hunt and finding well hidden
micro cache, maybe to you it's traveling around the
country or even the world to new unusual places
you'd never find on your own. Geocaching can be
done as a solo adventure or with your family and
friends.  You can combine; photography, hiking,
biking, canoing, exploring, and even solving
puzzles and riddles.
Above - The view from a
cache in Wisconsin; the
most important part of
geocaching is having
Cheeseburgers in Paradise - Food Drive
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Train Fan Clubs & Geocaching
GoRailfanning brings together the interests of
train enthusiasts and geocachers into one
exciting conjoined adventure. This new
adventure group is the combination of ValliG,
Matts Grand Dad, the Chicago Chapter of the
NRHS and the North Texas Chapter of the
NRHS. Check out these organizations
newsletters archives, stories about railfanning
and learn how geocaching and railfanning can
go hand in hand within the
GoRailfanning site.
League of Extraordinary Geocachers
The League of Extraordinary Geocachers
(LEGS) promotes group geocaching and having
fun!  LEGS is the oldest open invitation group
caching group in the Chicago area. Visit them
Facebook where you can learn about their
next outing.
In 2013 we collected 274
pounds of non-parishable
food items and $850
including corporate
matching donations with
100% of the donations
going to the NIFB.
GoGeocaching.com Sponsored Events:
10/17 from 12-1:00pm, Hillside, IL
FLC Loves! having SOUL :) by FLCC

10/25 from 11:30am to 1:30pm, Schaumburg, IL
FLC on Saturday IV & Other Fiendish Halloween Fun
Creative Cache Contest) by Tomeagle55
11/28 from 11am-1:30pm, Westmont, IL
Friday lunch Club BBQ After Thanksgiving by FLCC
Cheeseburgers in Paradise is an annual
event giving  you the opportunity to meet
up with fellow geocachers, share stories,
eat good food and help your neighbors in
An average meal is equal to 1.3
pounds of non-parishable food
and the Northern Illinois Food
Bank (NIFB) can stretch $1 into
six meals due to their ability to
buy in bulk.
Cache Babies by emkaystar
Cache Babies is a series of articles highlighting the many aspects of
Geo-Caching for those folks who have just become part of the game.

In my opinion being a Cache Baby (NEW CACHER) requires a lot of
information about the different aspects of Geo-Caching.  And there is a lot of
it out there.  It's hard to decipher the good information from the bad. So in
this series I will do my best to inform and educate all Cache Babies, young,
old and anyone who needs a little help. Through the help and advice
provided to me from friendly cachers.
I expect that at some point you will Google things like “cache containers” or “geo-caching” but before you head out, I do
recommend that you first look at the caches listed on your choice of websites, look for the easy ones (GeoCaching.com is a
great place to start, they highlight their beginner caches in green). Then look at pictures to see what a cache container
could, or will look like. By familiarizing yourself with the containers you make what you are looking for much easier to find.
AND by all means play around with your GPS or smart phone and the apps of your choice BEFORE going into the field for
the hunt. It is my experience that not knowing how to work your gear can lead to frustration and confusion and you will spend
too much time trying to figure out how to work all the buttons and not playing the game. With that said Good luck to all,
remember to have fun and always watch out for MUGGLES! mk
--emkaystar took up the hobby in May 2013. She
brings a unique enthusiasm to the game and has
quickly become a regular participant in the
GoGeocaching group on Facebook. You can read
more by emkaystar by visiting her
Scouts and Geocaching
The Scouts have become very active
geocachers with regional and local
organized activities. They even have a
merit badge which encourages